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Heckington Community Swimming Pool

Howell Road, Heckington, Lincs. NG34 9RX
Pool Hire Bookings: 07768 736658


The 2017 season is almost with us! The Committee and community volunteers are working very hard to complete all the necessary water and site preparations ready for an anticipated opening on May 20th.

Summer-term timetable


Bathing and attendance is subject to our Admissions Policy and Poolside Rules and we respectfully ask that you honour them.


All staff in attendance are unpaid Volunteers, who dedicate their time for your enjoyment of our facility. Again, we respectfully ask that if requested, you pay attention to and follow the directions of the staff member on duty. The Policy and Rules are in place for your own safety and that of other bathers. Many thanks.


Summer Holiday Timetable

Our Summer Holiday Timetable is still being worked on but we are hoping will closely mirror the Term Timetable given above.


We hope to keep the Public, Family, Ladies, Adult and Glow Swim sessions where they are and the Private Hire slots in place too.